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EMMA Emergency Capnometer

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World's smallest capnometer

  • Weights only 40 gr
  • Rugged, shock resistant an water resistant design 
  • Easy to use – simply turn on the power and connect to the ET- tube
EMMA emergency capnography is a self contained, real time respiratory gas analyzer for CO2 monitoring in emergency care. EMMA Capnometer is developed to provide clinicians access to capnometry in a totally portable and compact design. Bulky equipment and cable connections are no longer required to confirm and control intubation, ventilation and CPR. With its small compact size and rugged design, EMMA enables monitoring of a patient’s end tidal CO2 and respiratory rate in a wide range of clinical applications. This revolutionary product has been adapted by many unit's working in hostile environment  around the world to supply continuous and reliable respiratory rate and End tidal C02 monitoring under any situation .   

Weight – 40 grams  (53 grams with battery)
52X39X39 mm
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