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Ready Heat    
  • Air-activated blanket that warms up to 51 C within 15-20 minutes of breaking the package seal.
  • Maintains the temperature for up to 8 hours
  • Use for shock and hypothermia patients 
  • Water resistant
  • Approved by the U.S. FDA

Ready-Heat TM Disposable Medical/Emergency Heated Blanket is produced in a variety of sizes that are manufactured using synthetic non-woven fibers. These potentially lifesaving blankets come individually sealed in an oxygen free protective poly-bag. When the poly-bag is opened, the blanket's heating elements react with the oxygen in the atmosphere and generate heat. The heat that will be generated will provide sufficient warmth and comfort to the user for several hours.
Ready-HeatTM Blankets warm immediately and reach up to 51 C within 15 to 20 minutes after unsealing from its vacuum package. It will maintain that temperature for up to 8 hours.

Other products from Ready-Heat TM:

  • RH-1 Panel – The Ready-Heat 1 panel is a product that can be used as an IV warmer or for injuries to extremities. Using the two adjustable hook and loop straps system it is recommended to warp the I.V. or attach directly on the extremity.
  • RH-VEST – The Ready-Heat heated vest uses the same heating technology as the Ready-Heat blanket and comes in an Overhead Style for maximum comfort. It warms to 37.8°C in 8-10 minutes, and works off a low amount of oxygen making it perfect for wearing under your jacket for increased protection against the cold.

Our Ready-HeatTM Vests are great for special operation forces, search and rescue teams, police and EMS teams.

6 panel
  - NSN#:6532-01-525-4063
Weight – 1.1 kg
Size- 36 – 60 full body blanket
5 year shelf life

RH 1 panel –  NSN#: 6532-01-538-1525
Weight - 0.28 kg
Size – 16 – 18
5 year shelf life

RH – Vest
Weight – 0.28 kg
5 year shelf life
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