Evacuation platforms and immobilization

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  • Completely secure the joints above and below a cervical injury
  • Custom fit during application with 28 vertical positions 
  • Immobilize in a position of comfort
  • Fit a broad range of patient sizes and types
  • Lightweight and easy to store
The NexSplint is specifically designed to secure the joints above and below a cervical injury without moving the head. The NexSplint provides a greater degree of immobilization by creating an integrated system of stabilization between the thoracic cavity and the head.
The NexSplint ergonomic design conforms to the patient for custom and proper fitting during application. Using the “X” stabilization straps technology the NexSplint provides unparalleled stabilization.
NexSplint is compact, packed in a heavy duty, vacuum sealed, polyethylene bag to protect the device in extreme conditions. It has been designed for vehicle extrication, tactical medicine and EMS.

NSN#: 6515-01-570-3316
Size – 15 X 8 X 1.5 Folded
Weighs - 227 gr
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