Paramedic Recruiting and Deployment
M-TACS maintains strong connections to Israel's Elite Paramedics and supplies a full range of services including recruiting, screening and staffing for missions in Israel and abroad.
Our portfolio includes paramedics from both the military and civilian arenas, allowing us to provide the full spectrum of services for any client requirement.
Whether you own a large corporation, security firm, medical flight company or are a high net worth individual requiring paramedic services, we can assign paramedics suitable for your needs. Prior to deployment, our paramedics will be prepared in Israel according to the specifications of the client.
The advantages of employing paramedics are found in the advanced medical skills and specializations they hold, including Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). Additionally, our paramedics are experienced in providing medical assistance in complicated and life threatening situations such as close protection details, maritime security missions, protection of sensitive facilities and much more.
The M-TACS group of paramedics includes active and reserve military personnel, some of which are operatives in their units reserve array while others are working daily in civilian emergency situations or protection missions around the world.
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