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The M-TACS team
is composed of former military doctors, paramedics and other professional medical personnel. Coming from various Special Forces (SF) elite units, our diverse team enables M-TACS to supply complete medical solutions.

With vast experience spanning over two decades, M-TACS paramedics are the spearhead of tactical medicine in Israel, allowing us to supply turn-key tactical medical solutions.

M-TACS Instructors
All M-TACS Instructors are Combat Paramedics who served in elite Israeli combat units and who have successfully completed the company’s instructor course.
Our instructors led their units' medical team missions in remote areas and dealt with complex injuries in hostile environments. Through their individual experience, they teach the most up-to-date medical protocols.
Our instructors have worldwide experience in teaching about medical and other combat fields. Their experience includes instructing Special Forces units, SWAT units, CP teams and Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) teams.
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