Recent Projects

Case Study 1 


M-TACS trained the following units of the Israeli Military Special Forces and Police Special Forces:

·         Sayeret Matkal – Deep reconnaissance unit

·         Shaldag – Air Force Commando Unit

·         Duvdevan – An elite unit specializing in urban environment control

·         Yamam – Israeli SWAT

The medical training for each unit was prior deployment training for medical teams. The trainees were operatives in the units including: operational medics, paramedics and doctors.


The training included lectures such as:


·         Introduction to Tactical Medicine

·         Care Under Fire (CUF)

·         Tactical Field Care (TFC)

·         Bleeding Control Strategies

·         Airway Management

·         Medical Assessment

·         Tactical Evacuation (TACEVAC)

Hands-on Training:


·         Drag-and-carry

·         Tourniquets and bleeding control

·         Use of hemostatic agents

·         Airway management

·         Scenario-based simulations for care under fire and tactical field care


Case Study 2


M-TACS was approached by one of the largest security companies in the world to provide its foreign security managers with tactical medical security courses (Basic and Advanced).

Two M-TACS instructors flew to the destination country to deliver 10-day intensive courses that included the following subjects:


·         Trauma Mechanisms

·         Medical Risk Assessment

·         Familiarization with medical gear and kits

·         Care Under Threat (CUT)

·         Tactical Field Care

·         Evacuation Practices

·         Resuscitation and Defibrillation

·         Scenario-based simulation

·         And much more 

All M-TACS instructors are former operational paramedics within the military and civilian arenas. The instructors who provided the training were highly experienced with security tactics (Facility Security / VIP Protection), contributing to achieving a common language with the trainees.

M-TACS supplied the company with all of the required tactical medical equipment , preparing the client for their missions and challenges abroad.

The trainees who accomplished the course received certificates from M-TACS signed by the CEO of M-TACS and the Head of the Advisory Board - Lieutenant Colonel (Res) Blumenfeld M.D., M.H.A


Case Study 3


M-TACS was requested to deliver medical equipment and training to offshore oil and gas rigs in Israel (Mediterranean).

The long-term training contract included the establishment of a medical array which which includes the training of new security personnel and preservation ability programs for the facility's operational medics (Former Navy SEALs).

The training was delivered after a facility assessment was completed, and, along with the managers and supervisors of the rigs, the threats and challenges were defined.

The instructors chosen for this project were Special Forces paramedics with extensive knowledge in combat and security applications.

For the last year, M-TACS has been the sole supplier of equipment and training to these facilities, which are considered the most secure in the world.


Case Study 4



M-TACS conducted a unique Tactical Medicine and Mass Casualty Event (MCE) seminar for European military physicians.

Throughout the seminar, participants interacted with some of Israel's leading medical experts, operational doctors and paramedics, Special Forces medical personnel and other high-ranking officials from Israel's medical and security environments.
The seminar included the following:
  • Unique lectures on topics such as: medical risk assessments and pre-planning for Special Operations, training methods in tactical medicine, tactical considerations for various special missions and remote assignments, mass casualties during terror events, Israel's public security and much more

  • Visits to Israel's leading medical centers and hospitals such as Tel Aviv Medical Centre (Ichilov), Rambam hospital and Kaplan hospital accompanied by the hospitals' medical directors

  • Presentations by Israeli medical companies specializing in tactical medical equipment

  • Special tours around Israel to amazing sites such as the Dead Sea, Jerusalem and Masada




Case Study 5



M-TACS was approached by a leading financial institution in Israel to supply its strategic facility with comprehensive tactical medical solutions.

M-TACS rapidly assessed the risks and medical challenges that may endanger the facility and its management and delivered a turn-key tactical medical solution that included the following:·

  • Writing full medical procedures and protocols, adjusted for lay-rescuers and for medical personnel

  • Supplying the facility with medical equipment and special kits that enable self-treatment by those responsible for remaining in the facility during crisis

  • 24/7 on-call paramedic who will immediately arrive to the facility during a crisis situation

  •  Providing medical training and ability-preservation programs for the facility's employees







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