M-TACS was founded in 2009 in order to supply unique tactical medical solutions to the Military, Law Enforcement and Security teams.
With a growing need of tactical medical care, M-TACS was established in order to supply custom made medical solutions to its clients regarding their special needs and challenges. Having served in the Israeli Special Forces, and while holding vast knowledge in the Close Protection field our Paramedics gained unprecedented experience in tactical medical treatment and worldwide training.

M-TACS personnel proven experience includes:

  • Providing medical consulting to various organizations
  • Conducting world wide training in tactical medicine
  • Special Forces Training, SWAT Training, Close Protection Training and Advanced medical Team Training
  • Supplying Medical Equipment to the military, Governmental bodies, Police Forces and Multinational Companies.
  • Leading Complex Medical projects in Israel and Abroad
  • Establishing Medical Units, Special Forces Unit and other Units
  • Supplying medical escorting and Close Protection (CP) to Multinational Corporate Executives, Celebrities and High Net Worth Individuals    
Combat Gauze
Coflex UMAFD


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