M-TACS Training Division

M-TACS has developed many training programs to match today's combat warfare and terrorism scenarios. Our instructors have many years of teaching and instructing experience and are leaders in Tactical Medicine.

All of the courses are based on real scenarios and on the latest developments in the Tactical Medicine field.

M-TACS offers the following courses:

  • Tactical Medicine - Basic
  • Tactical Medicine - Advance
  • Tactical Medicine - Security

Our Approach

M-TACS uses unique scenario-based simulation programs. With the growing demand to train under real combat scenarios, our instructors will customize the simulated scenario to the specific needs of each client.

M-TACS instructors use only state-of-the-art equipment and simulation kits, in accordance with TCCC protocols and in addition to their own individual experience from international Special Ops, Close Protection Operations and Medical Operations. With proper training, survivability can improve up to 20%. in addition, trainees' will improve their confidence while treating real injuries that may be encountered in the battlefield.

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