Tactical Medicine - Advance

This course is designed specifically for medical teams that already possess medical skills but desire to obtain tactical abilities.
The advanced course will emphasize the drastic differences between civilian and tactical medicine. Trainees will acquire the tools to handle extreme medical situations while applying the Tactical Casualty Combat Care (TCCC) protocols.
All course material will be taught according to the latest developments in the tactical medicine field and will include many real scenario simulations, preparing you to provide the best treatment available in the battlefield.

The Course is designed for:

  • Doctors
  • Paramedics
  • Medics
  • Operational medical teams

Course content

  • Intro to Tactical Medicine – This lesson will emphasize the differences between the combat arena and civilian care and will explain the development of TCCC.
  • Care Under Fire (CUF) – We will deal the issues of fire supremacy, moving a casualty under fire, providing first body aid, communication under fire, extraction under fire and the usage of tourniquets as the fundamental components of this stage. CUF training is accompanied with practical scenarios and hands-on training.
  • Tactical Field Care (TFC) – Learn to assess consciousness, establish priorities, implement airway management, treat chest traumas, control bleeding and provide tactical care for situations such as: hypothermia, burns, penetrating eye injuries and more.
    Practical Stations – Trainees will have the opportunity to practice airway management, chest wound management, bleeding control etc.
  • Remote Medicine – This lesson will discuss the medical challenges and special considerations while in remote areas where hospitals are not available.
  • Antibiotics, Monitoring and Pain Control - This unique lecture is designed for Special Operations doctors and paramedics on how to deliver antibiotics in the tactical environment, control pain and how to monitor the condition of the casualty.
  • Shock and Blood Transfusion - This lesson will discuss the pathophysiology of shock and the possibilities of hypotensive resuscitation and blood transfusion in far-forward settings.
    TacEvac – Learn the roles of the tactical evacuation rescue team, how the field team passes the casualty to the next level and the differences between various evacuation platforms.
  • Scenario-Based Simulations – Practical scenarios based on highly relative occurrences in the battlefield requiring difficult tactical/ medical decisions, or that require a major departure from standard civilian practice. The three (3) main stages of Scenario-Based simulations are:
  1. Choosing the scenario based on the needs of the unit
  2. Simulation – using highly experienced instructors and state of the art medical simulation equipment
  3. Debriefing by tactical/medical experts

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