M-TACS Tactical Medicine Course (Israel)

This 5-day M-TACS course is designed specifically for medical personnel who are deployed in hostile and complex environments, will improve individual tactical medical capabilities and will increase overall team member survivability.

The course will take place in Israel and includes training in Israeli tactical facilities, lectures from Israeli doctors and paramedics from the Special Forces, recent case study analysis from experienced medical personnel, day trips to Jerusalem and the Dead sea, nights out in Tel Aviv and more.

All course material is in accordance with the latest developments and knowledge in the tactical medical field combined with our experience.

At the end of the course, trainees will have the tools to teach and to train their units in Israeli tactical medicine

The M-TACS course is designed for medical personnel from:
  • Special Forces medical teams
  • Police & SWAT medical teams
  • Security & Protection medical personnel

Course Content (Highlights)

Introduction to Tactical Medicine – Trainees will learn the development and basics of tactical combat casualty care

Care Under Fire – We will deal with the fundamental issues of fire supremacy, casualty extraction and the use of tourniquets

Tactical Field Care – Learn to assess consciousness, disarming, airway control, treating chest trauma, bleeding control strategies and more

Casualty Evacuation – The roles of the evacuatiing medical/fighting rescue team, how the field team passes the casualty to the next level and principles of radio communication

Case Studies – During these case study lessons we will hear about and analyze true relevant cases in order to learn from the experience of others

Hemorrhage Control Practice – Trainees will learn about shock signs in the field, how to control hemorrhages and the usage of hemostatic agents, bandages and tourniquets

Airway and Facial Injury Management– Trainees will learn to control an airway casualty, including the function of nasopharyngeal airway and advanced airway management

Chest Injury Management- We will teach how to recognize chest injuries and how to treat them

Medical Risk Assessment – As part of the the planning stage, trainees will learn how to assess the medical scenarios that may appear during the risk analysis stage

Advanced Tactical Scenario Practice – In this unique practice, trainees will have to work under pressure in "real scenarios" and to implement all material that has been taught
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