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CT-6 Carbon Traction Leg Splint
  • The latest innovation in leg traction, over 30,000 units have been deployed since 2005
  • Built from high tensile carbon tubes allowing him to be strong and lightweight 
  • No Perineal Nerve Impingement
  • Weight only 500 gr 
  • 4:1 pulley traction system 
  • CT-6 features all black straps and bag – ideal for tactical operations
The CT-6 Carbon Traction Leg Splint now has a new, wider ischial strap for increased patient comfort and a new swivel unit for increased strength and minimal unit extrusion. The 4:1 Pulley Traction System makes micro adjustments easy. The CT-6 also includes a built in cleat to hold tension and allows for sufficient traction on the largest of patients.

NSN#:6515 01 521 5730
Weight: 500 gr
Size Folded : Fits in a small bag 27 x 8 x 8cm
Includes everything you need for complete traction on pediatrics or adults.
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